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    133 0616 8697
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    走進長紡/About CF




        Established in 1968, JIANGYIN CF TEX. TECH CO., LTD. is specialized in R&D and production of "CF" and "KHK" Brands bobbin hanger series, dust cap, plastic roving bobbin, ring bobbin, thin-walled barrel, slub yarn device, segment-color yarn device, core spun yarn (elastic core-spun yarn, non-elastic core-spun yarn, dual-core core-spun yarn), compact spinning device, Siro spinning device as well as creel transformation and precision ceramic godet roller.

        More than fifty years, the company pays attention to technical innovation and continuously creates new product based on expansion of enterprise, self-design, manufacture and product various new tech machinery equipment of spinning. We regard the product's quality as our life, and our products are manufactured according to industrial standard and user's requirements. Our company is the first to pass ISO 9001-2000 quality system on the same trade.

        Now, "CF" is actively demanded all over the country, and has obtained each excellent product prizes for many times. "CF" is also sold to other countries and religions including Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, ect.,by foreign trade companies such as CTMTC and CF Trading etc.

    江陰市長紡科技有限公司 地址:江蘇省江陰市霞客鎮璜塘鎮金鳳工業園 電話:133 0616 8697 傳真:0086-510-8653 3150 郵箱:cf.xzj@foxmail.com Address:Jinfeng Industrial Park, huangtang Town, charcoal Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Tel:133 0616 8697 Fax:0086-510-8653 3150 Email:cf.xzj@foxmail.com 備案號:蘇ICP備15060821號-1 Copyright @ 2015 江陰市長紡科技有限公司